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It started operations with the opening of its first office in April 1994. It presents an accelerated growth in its operations in the following three years, generating the need to open new offices, currently with the main office located in Barranquilla, it has agencies in Riohacha, Ipiales, Cúcuta, Cartagena, Bogotá, Cali, Buenaventura. This as a result of attending the management of the main businesses of the Andean market and of Colombia in the area of Foreign Trade.


Merco offers integral solutions in the supply chain in a safe, reliable and efficient way that allow satisfying the needs and expectations of the interested parties.


In the year 2025 Merco will be recognized as the logistics operator par excellence in Colombia and the Andean region.

Corporate values

Orientation Results

Focus efforts to achieve goals.


Undertake with constancy and perseverance.


Take care, live and pay attention to details for excellence.


Be consistent in the Be, Do principles.


Take the Initiative to propose new ideas and make them happen.

Service attitude

Capacity, authority and interest to solve problems.

Integrated Management System


We guarantee the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients and other interested parties offering a Safe, Reliable and Efficient Customs Brokerage service, which allows the sustainability of the organization.
We are committed to:

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that subscribe.
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution generated by our operations.
  • Identify the hazards, evaluate and assess the risks to which our workers are exposed to determine the respective controls.
  • Protect the safety and health of our workers, contractors and visitors.
  • Direct our efforts towards the prevention of accidents at work, occupational diseases in our workers and property damage.
  • Prevent potential threats of terrorism, multinational organized crime, corruption, bribery and any other illegal activity that may affect the different actors in the supply chain and stakeholders.
  • Have competent, motivated and committed workers.
  • Continuously improve our Integrated Management System.


The objectives of the Integrated Management System are:

  • Satisfying the needs of our clients in relation to the services offered by the organization.
  • Guarantee the security, reliability and efficiency of the services offered by the organization.
  • Comply with the service and contractual agreements signed with our clients.
  • Advance timely processes aimed at ensuring that the organization complies with current legislation.
  • Use resources rationally, properly dispose of waste and reduce significant impacts in a way that strengthens environmental performance.
  • Develop a safe work culture based on the control of priority risks, the implementation of prevention and control measures in the face of emergency situations, work accidents, occupational diseases, damage to property and socio-environmental impact.
  • Avoid the materialization of risks that may affect the different actors in the supply chain, international trade and interested parties.
  • Increase the skills of the organization´s staff.
  • Managing the social welfare of the workers of the organization to promote a better work environment, the growth of being and that of their family environment.
  • Maintain and continuously improve the Integrated Management System.


We are committed to ensuring security in supply chain operations, through continuous improvement of the processes, compliance with current applicable legislation, and risk management that prevent illicit activities such as money laundering, smuggling, drug trafficking, drug trafficking substances for the processing of narcotics, terrorism, terrorist financing, arms trafficking, among others

Certifications and Affiliations


Customs Management (Import, Export and Customs Transit)
Advice on the development of Customs operations and Foreign Trade
Procedures before the Foreign Trade authorities (Habilitation, Permits, Good Views)
Specialized foreign trade advice for the assembly of customs figures (Vallejo Plan, UAP, ALTEX, ZF Enabling, Industrial Processing Deposited Deposit)
Comprehensive advice on oil, infrastructure and energy projects
Tariff classification and requests for official tariff classifications

Competitive Strategies

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